• “Ilaw ng Ating Tanglaw”: an Environment-Friendly Home Decor

    Made by: Chloe Lim


    We are probably bored in our houses at this point of quarantine, am I right? So have you ever thought of making your own home decorations with low budget? Well, I have the perfect project just for you! This is “Ilaw ng Ating Tanglaw”, a very affordable,

  • DIY Flameless Campfire Using LEDs

    Made by: Myrrhacle A. Oclarit


    I’ve always wanted to go camping before, where I could talk to my friends and family all night while sitting around a big fire, although the pandemic ruined all of that. Therefore, I decided to make this as my project. Using the materials I had at

  • How to Make a Cloud Mood Lamp with Arduino

    Made by: Marc Matbagon


    Electronic Components

    • 10k ohm Resistors (6)
    • Red, Green, Blue LEDs (2 each)
    • RGB LED (1)
    • Pushbutton (1)
    • Jumper wires (9)
    • Female Jumper wires (10)
    • Arduino board & wire
  • How To Make a D-I-Y LED Wall Lamp Using Arduino


    My name is James Mancer and today, I will be teaching you how to make your own LED wall lamp. I made this product so that I can show how to make something good out of the things that we are not using anymore. Recyclable materials like cardboard boxes and leftover art kits from years

  • How to Make a D-I-Y Nano Infinity Gauntlet Decorative Table Lamp Using Arduino

    Made by: Daryl Nikkoli C. Belga


    For this project, we are going to make a Table Lamp. A Table Lamp that can be used for decoration or a bedside lamp or an office desk lamp. This Lamp is created out of recyclable materials like cardboard boxes from groceries. My goal is to show

  • How to Make a Gravitational Beam Emitter (My Version)

    Made by: Moira Mundo


    The materials you’ll be needing:

    • gizDuino UNO-SE Board
    • gizDuino UNO-SE Cable
    • Solderless Breadboard
    • 10 LEDs (preferably red and yellow)
    • 21 FF Jumper Wires
    • 8 MM Jumper Wires
    • 1 10k
  • How to Safely Control High-Voltage Appliances with Arduino and Relay Module

    Step into the world of home automation with a simple yet fascinating project that involves controlling a 220-volt light bulb using an Arduino and a relay module. This project not only introduces you to the basics of Arduino programming but also demonstrates how to manage high-voltage devices

  • Make Interactive Arduino Projects Using Pushbutton and LCD


    Combining pushbuttons with LCDs can go a long way when making Arduino projects. Take a vending machine for example. A vending machine works by making a payment to receive the appropriate product. Usually, it is self-service and you only need to interact with buttons and an LCD for

  • Making an Arduino Mushroom LED Lights Decoration

    Made by: Jvhonne Tabaniag


    If you have only limited materials to make a decoration, but not limited to nature things like stones, grass, flowers, wood, etc. You can make a more garden-like or forest-like project such as mushroom lights with grass and wood and stone below

  • Making the Jungler LoL Arduino Lamp

    Made by: Julius Anthony Sta. Cruz


    For this project, we will be making a simple and easy rectangular-shaped lamp design. I’ve always wanted to make something like this, and I can guess some people want to make the same thing too. This is really good when you want your room/work

  • Mini Frisbee Sensor-Based Arduino Project

    Made by Bea Bacquial.


    As time goes by, technology keeps on improving and more people use them not only to get experience but also to use them in their daily lives. A sensor is a type of technology that is used to detect something in order to control an object. Examples of

  • Realtime Servo Motor Control with Switches and Potentiometers

    In some robotics applications, a robot usually needs the guidance of a human operator. This can be done using a joystick or a special controller box. This is useful for remote tasks where the safety of a human being is a priority. An example would be a robotic arm that can handle dangerous

  • Using Simple Pushbutton Switches to Light Up LEDs


    Tactile switches, sometimes called pushbutton switches are a type of switch that focuses on producing a tactile bump and a relatively quiet audible click when pressed. These small-sized switches are placed on PCBs and are used to close an electrical circuit when the button is pressed




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