• Boost Security and Efficiency: DIY RFID Membership Access System Tutorial

    Are you looking for a way to streamline member check-ins at your gym, club, or office? A membership access management system using RFID technology can simplify the process. This guide will help you create a system where members use RFID cards to check in, and an LCD displays the member's name

  • DIY LED Lighted Santa Claus Robot

    Made by Jianne Flores.


    This project belongs to the Entertainment and Social Applications. The way this project works is that when the IR Sensor (which is placed at the robot’s neck) senses what is happening in the environment particularly human hand motions, the robot will

  • DIY Robotics: Using Joystick and Arduino to Operate Servo Motors

    Are you looking to add precise control to your robotics project using a joystick and a servo motor? This article is your ultimate guide on how to control a servo motor with a joystick and Arduino. Whether you're building a robotic arm, a pan-tilt camera mount, or a remote-controlled vehicle,

  • DIY Smart Trash Bin with LEDs and IR sensor

    Made by Maritess Marmito.


    For this quarter my Exit Product is a DIY Smart Trash Bin. This is a robot designed for service and maintenance. In this project, I used only one sensor, which was an infrared sensor. This sensor is placed directly in front of the trash bin. When you

  • Home-y Organizer: An Arduino Servo and Sensor Project

    Made by Shandale Gulfan.


    This quarter, we focused on actuators and how they work. If we want our Arduino projects to be able to produce motion, we need to add actuators which is what I have incorporated into this project.


    We all have days when our tables are

  • Making Servo Motors React to Sensors

    There are three things to consider when making a robotics application:

    1. It must be able to obtain information from its environment.
    2. It must exhibit a degree of intelligence, such as decision-making
    3. It must be able to manipulate
  • Maximizing Home Security: How to Utilize PIR Sensors with Servo Motors

    Are you looking to bolster your home security system with advanced technology? Imagine a security camera that automatically turns to face any detected motion, a light that follows an intruder's movements, illuminating their path, or even a gate that opens when it detects authorized

  • MERVO: The Entertainment Servo Robot

    Made by Paolo Tuquib.


    My exit product for this 3rd QTR. is a little entertainment robot named MERVO. This pandemic just seems to drag on and on, so a little bit of company would be helpful. Its movements simply comprise of moving its head left and right, and moving

  • Realtime Servo Motor Control with Switches and Potentiometers

    In some robotics applications, a robot usually needs the guidance of a human operator. This can be done using a joystick or a special controller box. This is useful for remote tasks where the safety of a human being is a priority. An example would be a robotic arm that can handle dangerous

  • Servo Motors Made Simple With Arduino

    Aside from being able to sense what is happening in the environment, a robotics application must also be able to move or manipulate objects around its vicinity. To be able to produce motion, we need to add actuators to our Arduino projects.


    Actuators can be likened to the

  • Simple Radar System With Infrared and Servo Motor

    In the first stage of this project, we will learn how to move the servo motor smoothly using a for-loop. After that, we will attach an infrared sensor to the servo horn so that we can detect objects in a sweeping motion from left to right. We will include an LED to indicate that our radar has

  • Taz the TRASHmanian Devil: A DIY Arduino Trash Bin

    Made by: Jerhen Martinez.


    For the past quarters, I have learned a lot of things about Arduino. I learned about Lighting up LEDs, using sensors, creating sounds from a piezo buzzer, and more. For this quarter, I learned all about more sensors such as potentiometers and

  • The Fortune-Telling Skills of Robby the Robot

    Made by Kayla Roa.


    Robby the Robot is an Arduino robot consisting of LED Lights, IR Sensor, Piezo Buzzer and Servo Motors. The robot is an inspiration from a Magic 8-Ball. It can be used for fortune-telling and seeking




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