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  • Adding a Mode Functionality to Your Arduino Projects Using a Touch Sensor


    Creating different modes for your projects adds a new level of sophistication. With this technique, you can already combine many different functionalities in just one Arduino sketch. Your end-user can activate a mode by simply triggering a sensor connected to your project. In this

  • Arduino DIY Hockey Game with LEDs

    Made by Maritess Marmito.


    My Exit Product for the second quarter is a DIY Hockey game. This is a two-player game in which both players hold a handle that is used to push the ball, which you must shoot into your opponent's goal to earn a point. This is where the two sensors,

  • Clean the Mess, Save the Fishes! (an Arduino Sensor-Based Game)

    Made by Janelle Asuncion.


    Since I wanted something that is related to our environment and also sea life, I decided to make a project based on saving the fishes by properly disposing of our trash.


    The goal of this game is to save the fishes by collecting the

  • Combining the Infrared Sensor and Touch Sensor in 1 Arduino Project (with Circuit and Sketch)


    Having one sensor in your Arduino project is already an achievement. But why stop at one? With the Arduino board, it is possible to add as many sensors as you can. In this article, I will show you how to use an infrared sensor and a touch sensor to control an LED. The key to

  • DIY Mini Basketball Game Sensor-Based Arduino Project

    Made by Jvhonne Tabaniag.


    Technology improves over time, and people use it in their daily lives. Sensors are important to make a robot or any technology that we use every day be automated. Without them, they cannot do extraordinary things. A sensor is a type of technology that

  • DIY Mini Bucket Toss Game With Arduino

    Made by Jerhen Martinez.


    In this day of a pandemic, most of us are still required to stay at home most of the time. Even if vaccinated, we should still take care of our health. For most people,

  • Home-y Organizer: An Arduino Servo and Sensor Project

    Made by Shandale Gulfan.


    This quarter, we focused on actuators and how they work. If we want our Arduino projects to be able to produce motion, we need to add actuators which is what I have incorporated into this project.


    We all have days when our tables are

  • Make User-Friendly Arduino Projects With a Touch Sensor


    A touch sensor is a type of device that captures and records physical touch on an object. It enables a device or object to detect touch, typically by a human user or operator. A touch sensor primarily works when an object or individual gets in physical contact with it. Today, almost

  • Making the Arduino DIY Pinball Machine

    Made by Crich Ociones.


    For this project, we will be making a PINBALL MACHINE. Pinball is an arcade entertainment machine in which a ball careens around the machine's interior, hitting various lights, bumpers, ramps, and other targets depending on its

  • Ring Toss Arduino DIY Sensor-Based Game

    Made by Chloe Lim.


    Planning to have a carnival-themed party at your home? Or perhaps you simply just want to have fun during your leisure time? Well if fun is what you want, I have the perfect project just for you! Have fun creating and playing my version of “Ring Toss”, a

  • Taz the TRASHmanian Devil: A DIY Arduino Trash Bin

    Made by: Jerhen Martinez.


    For the past quarters, I have learned a lot of things about Arduino. I learned about Lighting up LEDs, using sensors, creating sounds from a piezo buzzer, and more. For this quarter, I learned all about more sensors such as potentiometers and




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