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  • 3 stacks x 3 shots: an Arduino Game Prototype

    Made by Paolo Tuquib.


    My Exit Product for this 2nd QTR. is a prototype game called 3 stacks, 3 shots. This game comprises 3 stacks of plastic cups placed on top of a sensor box. The goal of the game is to shoot down all the cups with only 3 bullets from a nerf gun

  • Arduino Skee Ball Classic Arcade Game

    Made by Roxequiel Sumando.


    Bored at home and want to work on something in your leisure time? Introducing a classic arcade game now made easy to recreate at home with the help of Arduino, called Skee Ball! This game would be made possible using materials you have at home. Then

  • Light Sensor: How to Make Your Robots React to Light


    Many devices that we have today are able to sense light – from smart lamps that turn on and off depending on the time of day, to the automatic flash in our camera. They give us a perception that machines have some kind of capability to “see” their environment. There are several light

  • Mini Frisbee Sensor-Based Arduino Project

    Made by Bea Bacquial.


    As time goes by, technology keeps on improving and more people use them not only to get experience but also to use them in their daily lives. A sensor is a type of technology that is used to detect something in order to control an object. Examples of

  • SHOOT: A Make-Shift Mini-Arcade Game (With Arduino Sensors)

    Made by Shandale Gulfan.


    We learned about the basics of Arduino, how to code and program the LEDs, how to make breadboard connections—but why stop there? This quarter, we learned about sensors and how they work. It’s amazing how different kinds of sensors are used in our




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