• Adding Potentiometers in Your Arduino Projects

    Potentiometers are one of the commonly used electronic parts. They are used to control sound volume, the brightness of a light source, changing frequencies on a radio, and so many other things. There are many types of potentiometers but in this article, we will be using the rotary

  • Making a LED Meter with a Potentiometer

    Adding some kind of a meter can enhance your Arduino projects visually. It offers a nice interface that updates the users on what’s happening in your project. A nice example would be an audiometer that tells how loud the sound is.


    This project uses LEDs to create a simple

  • Realtime Servo Motor Control with Switches and Potentiometers

    In some robotics applications, a robot usually needs the guidance of a human operator. This can be done using a joystick or a special controller box. This is useful for remote tasks where the safety of a human being is a priority. An example would be a robotic arm that can handle dangerous

  • Simple LED Meter Using Potentiometer and I2C LCD (Quick Tutorial)


    Here is a simple Arduino project that displays the value of a potentiometer on the screen. In addition, LEDs will also light up based on the value of the potentiometer. Here’s the exact behavior of the LEDs:





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